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three cup chicken

Three Cup Chicken/三杯雞 (Sān Bēi Jī)

I’m not Taiwanese, but I would venture to guess that this is probably the most famous export out of Taiwan–other… Continue reading »

taiwanese cucumber salad

Taiwanese Cold Cucumber Salad (涼拌黃瓜)

涼拌黃瓜 (liáng bàn huáng guā), or cucumber salad, is a very common appetizer at many Taiwanese restaurants and is a… Continue reading »

Scallion Pancakes (蔥油餅)

Scallion Pancakes (蔥油餅)

My first memorable experience with scallion pancakes (蔥油餅, cōng yóu bǐng) was with James at his family’s restaurant six years… Continue reading »