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Magic Mushrooms (Salmon-Wrapped Avocado)

  I recently put chalkboard paper on some of my kitchen cabinets to make the kitchen look a little less… Continue reading »

Daikokuya on Sawtelle Blvd.

Daikokuya on Sawtelle

Time for today’s rhetorical question: Who doesn’t love ramen? Obviously not this girl. The only downside about eating ramen [for… Continue reading »

Ma Po Tofu (マーボー豆腐)

Mapo Tofu (Japanese-style)

I have a weird addiction that needs to be confessed. I… really love food from one culture as interpreted by… Continue reading »

Broiled Salmon with Tama-Miso Glaze

Broiled Salmon with Tama-Miso Glaze

Once upon a blue moon (or, two years ago when I lived in Denver), I borrowed a few cookbooks about… Continue reading »